About Us

LightSpire Consulting was founded by Laura Fredericks, a serial entrepreneur and growth marketer with over 10 years experience. After seven years of founding and running startups herself, Laura wanted to help other startups and small businesses tell their stories.

As a business, we focus on two main ideas: clarity and authenticity. Clarity helps you convey your message while focusing on the value you provide to your customers, partners, investors, employees, and ambassadors. Authenticity is about forming real relationships with all of your stakeholders and aligning incentives so that everyone can prosper together. 

We help everyone from startups and independent contractors to larger businesses. We're here to find and tell engaging and compelling stories through content marketing, growth strategy, marketing automation, and more. If you want to tell your company's story and grow your business in the process, we're here to help.

Laura Fredericks

Growth marketing consultant and startup advisor

Hi, I'm Laura! I'm a growth marketer and content writer with over 10 years experience in startups, incubators, and small businesses.

I began my startup journey in 2010 with Moving Pieces, a moving services relocation solution. In 2012 I founded Describli, a marketing insights platform that used big data to help authors sell more books. Describli was a part of MassChallenge's 2016 cohort, winner of JHU's pitch competition, and featured on Connectpreneur, Women 2.0, New England Cable News, and more. In 2017 I co-founded Paradigm Labs, a platform to help underrepresented founders with starting their businesses.

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses tell their stories through marketing. I've taught workshops at Amazon, DC Startup Fest, UMD's Technica Hackathon, Rise 2018, and more.